Customer Highlight: Bloorstreet Market

Bloorstreet Market is located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Yorkville neigbourhood, and this grocery store serves thousands of people each day. Before the ORCA, Bloorstreet Market employees would have to throw away prep scraps from to-go meals as well as any damaged produce and haul it to the loading dock. But now food can be discarded at the point of production thanks to the ORCA.

After installing an OG50 model last December, Bloorstreet Market:

*Saved 31 hours of annual labour

*Diverted 12,000 pounds of food waste to the ORCA each month

*Diminished the accumulation of methane by 558 m3 each month

*Diminished greenhouse gas emissions by 5 tonnes eCO2 each month

The system was easily integrated into the store’s existing wastewater infrastructure. Training and acceptance of the ORCA system happened right away, with its space and time savings making an immediate impact.

“ORCA has saved our store time, which has helped us reallocate staff priorities towards additional customer service and greater sales,” said owner Maisie DeSousa. “The system has also helped drive down our WSIB costs as a result of fewer accidents related to hauling blue totes around our back room. Thanks to ORCA, there’s less garbage odor, less heavy work and greater employee morale.”

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