Customer Spotlight: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones are passionate about more than just football. Off of the field, they are deeply committed to improving their community - and the environment.

The NFL organization implemented the ORCA into the AT&T Stadium’s waste disposal program in 2013, enabling the team to further expand their community influence by becoming greener.

Since that time, the Cowboys have been able to:

• Divert 11,500 pounds of food waste per month
• Avoid generating 755 yd3 of methane per month
• Avoid emitting 11.5 tons eCO2 of greenhouse gas per month

Stadium General Manager Jeff Stroud said that implementing the ORCA organic waste management technology into the AT&T Stadium’s waste disposal program has increased efficiency for the kitchen staff, and reduced costs for the entire company.

While the traditional waste disposal process at the stadium was “messy and time consuming,” Stroud says it’s now “been transformed into a clean, beneficial, and spontaneous process that our staff is proud to be a part of.”

“Not only did the ORCA increase our efficiency and reduce cost, but it has helped the Dallas Cowboys organization improve our environmentally friendly status in the community.”