Letter From Shawn Dym: Planning For A Sustainable Future

Food waste disposal is a big environmental problem, especially in Canada and the United States. Approximately 30 per cent of food, worth around $48 billion, is thrown away in the US every year. In Canada, more than $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year.

Food that is dumped into landfills produces methane gas, major contributor to climate change. A measurable percentage of the 106 billion pounds of organic material dumped into landfills each year comes from food establishments like hotels, grocery stores, convention centres and stadiums.

The good news is these businesses can plan and make little changes today for a sustainable tomorrow, and several corporations who deal with medium to large volumes of food are actively seeking ways to operate in a more environmentally conscious manner. Furthermore, we are happy to report that the ORCA has already helped some businesses reach their corporate sustainability plan quickly and efficiently.

The ORCA technology is an ideal solution for any company because it converts food waste into an effluent safe for discharge into the municipal wastewater system. It eliminates the need to truck food waste to landfills or remote composting facilities, reduces emissions related to the transportation of waste and production of methane gas . Additionally:

• In one year, an ORCA machine can divert up to 875,000 pounds of food waste from going to landfill.

Sustainable planning reflects well on a company, saves money, resources and time while limiting negative environmental impact.


Shawn Dym