The Power of Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are a powerful thing.  When thought leaders who share common goals come together as a team they have the ability to offer something truly unique to the audiences in which they serve.

Over the past several months we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with Rogers Communications to expand our waste program offering by bringing their Internet of Things (IoT) technology to our solution.

What this partnership will mean for current and prospective customers:

*Data-driven, network based technology resulting in a cost saving solution to reduce environmental impact and promote efficiency

*Real time data and analytics

*Allows a location to track food disposal costs and volumes in real time to help better manage efficiencies

*Multi-unit system benefits for benchmarking and managing efficiencies

ORCA is extremely proud to have this technology featured in Maclean’s latest issue. To read the full article, you can click here.

We hope to continue building relationships with bold leaders and creative thinkers as we work to better the environment because there is undeniably strength in numbers.


Shawn Dym