USDA, EPA, Private Sector and Charitable Organizations Team Up To Set Food Waste Reduction Goals

The United States Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency announced that they want to cut food waste in the United States in half by 2030.

In doing so, they hope to improve food security, conserve natural resources, and maintain sustainable practices. Furthermore, this goal will reduce the amount of food going into landfills.

Food waste has been a growing issue in the United States, as approximately 133 billion pounds of overall food supply is wasted. It is also the third largest contributor of methane emissions in the U.S.

The ambitious food reduction goal, announced mid-September of 2015, will require a large group effort to be successfully achieved, and the federal government will lead a new partnership with charitable and faith-based organizations, the private sector and local, and state and tribal governments to reduce food loss and waste in order to improve overall food security and conserve the country’s natural resources.

“Our new reduction goal demonstrates America’s leadership on a global level in getting wholesome food to people who need it, protecting our natural resources, cutting environmental pollution and promoting innovative approaches for reducing food loss and waste,” said Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary.

Ongoing federal initiatives are already underway, and the USDA is also launching a new consumer education campaign through its Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion with information on food loss and waste facts and reduction tips.