With over 100,000 square feet of banquet space and 641 guestrooms, Intercontinental® Miami produces a significant amount of food waste. The Stewarding Team used to spend hours every day managing all the garbage from the kitchens, banquet facilities and meeting spaces, and the waste haulage bill was astronomical. Since introducing ORCA technology, i t is estimated the hotel has reduced their waste bill by approximately $2,600/month.


• Food waste diverted to ORCA = 42,000 lbs/month
• Methane generation avoided = 2,832 m3/month 
• Greenhouse gas emissions avoided = 21 tonnes eCO2 /month

Savings add up to the equivalent of planting 50 trees/month or diverting 5,906 meals/month from landfills.


 "Our hotel has a green operating philosophy, and ORCA helps support that belief. Today thanks to ORCA, we use fewer garbage bags, make less trips to the dumpster and endure less of that backbreaking garbage-duty work. I highly recommend ORCA for any institution like ours. I like to tell my staff we’re saving the Earth one food scrap at a time.”

 Alex Feher, Executive Chef 

Intercontinental Hotel, Miami