The Metro Toronto Convention Centre Corporation currently has an organic waste disposal agreement with Totally Green. We have been utilizing the ORCA since February 2012 and are very pleased with the results.

The Convention Centre produces a great amount of organic waste annually. All banquets and meals for functions are prepared in house and, as a result, organic waste production can range from 20,000 kg to over 80,000 kg in one month. The speed at which our events move through the Convention Centre requires that our team of staff work around the clock to ensure that all our client needs are met. Space is an incredibly valuable resource at the Convention Centre and having an efficient system to remove organic waste from the facility is key.

With the introduction of the ORCA to our waste management program, the efficiency and effectiveness of our kitchen process has greatly improved. The space on the docks is better managed as daily organic waste pickups are no longer needed. Odor and fruit flies are no longer an issue and our carbon footprint has been significantly reduced as countless trucks have been taken off the road. Additionally, we have experienced significant cost savings through the ORCA implementation.

We are currently very pleased with the performance of the ORCA at the MTCC and the positive impact it has had on our operations…

Vince Quattrociocchi, Vice President of Operations
Vivian Fleet, Sustainability Officer