We recently sat down with Organic Garage's Shawna Lurie, Director of Operations and Nazz Iaboni, Produce Buyer, to talk about how the ORCA has impacted their daily business for the better.

Tell us about Organic Garage, your mission and values.

Nazz Iaboni: Organic Garage is a Canadian, family-owned organic and all natural grocery store that was started by Matt Lurie in 2006. We carry organic produce, grocery, meat, vitamins, baked goods and health and beauty products at the lowest possible prices. Since day one, our motto has been “Healthier Food For Less!”

What challenges was Organic Garage facing prior to the ORCA, and how did the ORCA solve them?

Shawna Lurie: We were having some operational issues with our green bins as we were keeping them outside of the store. Our bins didn’t have a fixed location, so we found ourselves moving them from one place to another regularly, especially when they became full. Additionally, we incorporated the ORCA into our store because of the environmental benefits that we saw with the machine.

What have been the benefits when using the ORCA?

Shawna Lurie: The machine is located directly in our backroom prep area for our produce department and it is very easy and convenient to use. It is very quiet and produces very little odor, which is especially important as the back room is open to our customers so they can see our staff working as well as the ORCA. We felt that it was important for our customers to see and ultimately ask about the machine. It shows our ongoing support to the environment and as well as our goal to always be at the forefront of waste management technology.

Would you recommend the ORCA?

Nazz Iaboni: Yes! We feel that more retailers should be exploring other avenues for disposing of organic waste that is less harmful to the environment. We are proud to be an early support of the ORCA. When we opened our latest store last year, we knew we wanted to install the ORCA there as well. With our continued growth, ORCA will definitely be a partner as Organic Garage is committed to building a long-term relationship.